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Chip Production
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Supplier introduction


Skills and Services


Some of the many skills offered by Fiber Raw Materials Consulting:

  • Forest-to-Product assessments to identify short- and longer-term improvements with high value return
  • Quality control system design and performance
  • Problem-solving in chip related pulp mill issues (It must be the chips!!!)
  • Chip production and processing equipment selection
  • Chip supplier relationships, specifications and quality improvement programs
  • Chip inventory management and deterioration problem-solving
  • Short-term technical support and major chip improvement projects
  • Woodyard and woodroom safety assessments and accident investigations
  • Forest residuals, wood waste, log yard debris and biomass recovery and use
  • Tropical and short-rotation hardwood sourcing, processing and pulp quality
  • Courses and seminars on all topics in chip production and processing
  • Expert witness testimony

Technical Support

30-50% or more of the cost of making pulp is the chips you make or purchase. Are you getting the most out of this investment?

Bill will gladly answer brief questions on your chip problems. Just call or send an e-mail.

If you would like access to a little more of his time and experience, a Technical Support Coupon Book is available to get quick response to questions that take just a few hours to respond. This gives your technical staff the comfort of knowing they are free to call for the support they need, while remaining within the budgetary boundaries.

Chip Production and Quality Assessment

Pulp and Paper Mills, Wood Yards and Fiber Suppliers will benefit from the Chip Production and Quality Assessment. During recent assessment projects in the U.S. and New Zealand, FRM Consulting identified close to $1.5 million (U.S.D.) in savings and cost recovery per mill.. That's a service that clearly pays for itself!




This assessment will provide the host mill with an in-depth benchmarking assessment of

  • Operating strategies
  • Fiber cost
  • Quality control methods
  • Production methods
  • Safe work practices
  • Product quality vs. chip properties
  • Conflict resolution (supplier, woodyard, pulp mill)

It will also address specific mill questions on raw material utilization, and identify specific improvement opportunities.

Courses and Seminar Instruction

On-Site short courses and seminars available on chip production, quality and woodyard safety topics. With nearly 4 decades in the industry, successful, hands-on experience, and recognized skills as an instructor, Bill Fuller can provide courses and seminars on a variety of topics specific to your needs.

Supplier Introduction

FRM Consulting can help suppliers introduce their products to mills. We can help you better understand the pulp and paper and fiber supply industry and the equipment used, helping you to better identify how to market your equipment.